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THIS CONCRETE SEPTIC TANK is made from heavy duty concrete and are designed to last. The pre-cast surfaces can be stable or insulated and are suitable for both home house properties & agricultural shed complexes. Our septic tanks & BioKast wastewater treatment systems come in a range of sizes to match all domestic houses and larger applications. Our rainwater harvesting systems also come in a variety of sizes. Olive oil & petrol interceptor tanks can be produced to your specs. Our effluent tanks & drinking water tanks can be found from 150 gallons up to 4000 gallons. All our septic tanks are EN 12566-1 accredited and our BioKast P10 system is EN 12566-3 skilled. Cattle Slats & Tractor Slats can be purchased in sizes from 7'6” - 16'6”. The Precast cubicle beds are available in single or double type. All our cattle slats, pig slats & effluent tanks are grant approved. Please e mail us if you would like more info on some of our products.
Precast concrete products show the high quality, value and permanence that make them such an attractive material for use in many buildings. Precast concrete durability gradually increases over the extended life expectancy of the merchandise. Your softener should have a control that steps water utilization with a little internal turbine. Which will automate the regeneration cycle, that may run in the center of the night.concrete septic tank risers
Cement as a material has a durable quality if you're looking at using it as a septic container. Cement septic tanks can go on for several years however they are vunerable to cracks in early stages if the concrete itself is not high quality, or later on if the tank hasn't been retained properly. Breaks in the concrete means that throw away can drip out or allow groundwater in. Neither situation is ideal and can cause big issues that aren't a simple fix. Also concrete is a heavy material so a container made of it isn't that easy to install and it is also a lot more expensive than plastic.
By having two tanks or a rectangular tank divided into two sections, most of the sludge continues to be in the first container or section. In the next container or section, the sewage undergoes further treatment to eliminate solid matter. If they are not paired with a leaching field, they have to be emptied regularly: an often distressing (and probably expensive) task.
Roots from trees and shrubs and shrubbery protruding above the reservoir or drainfield may clog and/or rupture them. Trees that are immediately within the vicinity of a concrete septic tank have the potential to penetrate the container as the system age range and the cement begins to build up breaks and small leaks. Tree roots can cause serious movement problems scheduled to plugging and blockage of drain pipes, added to which the trees themselves have a tendency to extend extremely vigorously due to the ready way to obtain nutrients from the septic system.

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